Jenny 4/24/24

            Fourpines I Know What Love Is

Sire: Carnival’s Road Trippin at Fourpines (Rider)

Dam: Fourpines Breath of Wisdom (Sophia)

Whelped: March 24, 2019

Cardiac, Eye, Patella & Hips Certificates and Info —

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Miss Jenny is our 3rd generation Fourpines. Sophia is her mother and Gabby is her grandmother. She is a very special girl.

Jenny’s mother Sophia just a few hours after whelping the litter Jenny was in 3/24/19

Sophia with her sweet newborn Jenny

1st bath

Jen (front) went to get socialization and experiences off the ranch and into the city and apartment living with mom Sopina and uncle Graham

Mother and Daughter

Visiting cousin Oliver in Colorado

Just a day in the life