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Guestbook & Testimonials — 15 Comments

  1. The site looks beautiful mom, you’re doing great on this new adventure and doing everything perfect. Anyone that has the opportunity to have one of our puppies should be proud.

  2. Thank you so much sweet girl. I couldn’t do anything without the support of my family.
    I love you & we love ckcs!

  3. Brandy thank you millions for having my daughter and I over to meet our Jax and the other pups. You are an amazing Cavalier Mom. And you have such a lovely home. What a set up for these guys. We felt like we walked into CKCS Heaven. They are lucky pups for sure. I am so honored you chose our family to adopt Jax! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
    Thank you again
    Debbie Jackson

  4. I just recently adopted a sweet baby girl from Fourpines Cavaliers, her name is Bella. She is the sweetest and most beautiful puppy I have ever seen. She loves to take naps on my lap, but she really loves to play and learn new things! I have only had my cavalier for a few weeks but I truly believe they are the best companion and very adaptable to any situation. I know Brandy puts so much time and effort into breeding these puppies and she definitely makes them her priority! I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to adopt a puppy from her. I am comfortable knowing that my puppy came from he best home possible. I love how Brandy keeps everything as natural and organic as possible when considering the care of her dogs. The time and the care that Brandy puts into these puppies really shows. So thank you Brandy for all of your hard work and making sure that your babies are happy and healthy before sending them to their forever homes. You have been so helpful with the advice that you have given me and continue to give me!

    -Katie & Bella

  5. Hi Brandy! Greetings from Australia! I love your new website! Great to see such comprehensive information, especially for new folk! Thankyou for sharing your beautiful Cavaliers at Fourpines. Well done!

  6. This is long over due but thank you so much Brandy for the most perfect cavalier baby boy! Winston is such a joy to have around and is truly the best companion ever. He is incredibly smart, well socialized and has the absolute sweetest temperament. You make these little guys your #1 priority and genuinely care about the health and well-being of all of the puppies you breed both before and after they leave your lovely home. You made this process so exciting for us and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience! We are so thankful you chose us for Winston’s forever home and our blessed beyond measure to have worked with such a responsible breeder. Thank you again.

    Ashton Thurman

  7. Words cannot fully express how special our experience was with Brandy and Fourpines Cavaliers. I spent over a month contacting different Cavalier breeders, asking questions, researching their past litters. Brandy stood out immediately as a breeder who was looking to match the perfect puppy with our family! I was up front in telling her we wanted a Cavalier we could do therapy work with (Children’s hospital), and Brandy was optimistic, and honest, about keeping that in mind with her future litters. Brandy kept in touch with me and while the initial ‘mom’ we were going to be considered a puppy with was not due until later in the Spring, we were contacted about a male puppy from an earlier litter that had the disposition of what we were looking for. The process was smooth from start to end. We were kept in the loop that the two boys that seemed similar in personality started to stand apart and that the initial one we were considered for, turned out to be a tad more active than Brandy felt we were looking for. She communicated, sent videos, and helped us by sending a pre-contract so we could ask any questions, offered to meet us 1/2 way since we lived 5 hours away, waited for us when we got struck in traffic, and the entire time, she had a positive, warm, friendly attitude. Our boy, Levi, was and is the perfect fit for our family of 6. He was already litter box trained, could sit and mastered ‘stay’ quickly. He was well socialized with her children, so he transitioned easily with our 4. He was exposed to animals, people, and other dogs, and has no fear of anything at our ranch. We look forward to raising Levi and will be looking to Fourpines for another Cavalier in the future.

  8. Wow! What a beautifully written complement! Thank you so much Alford family for joining the Fourpines Family. We look forward to many years of a loving friendship with you all.
    Brandy & The Gang

  9. Adira, Levi, and Jayni love it together! Jayni sleeps with Carli and Adira sleeps with me, Maezi. Levi is so sweet with both of them, they love to play with one another.

  10. We could not be happier with our decision to get our second cavalier from Brandy. I “met” her through Instagram and loved what I saw. Daisy being our second cavalier, I knew what I wanted from a breeder. Brandy puts her heart into raising these pups and making sure they are fully prepared to go into the world. They start their lives in a true home environment surrounded by children and other animals and exposed to all kinds of things and noises so they aren’t fearful to new experiences. As I’ve told Brandy, the only problem is our puppy is too smart! She finds a way around all our efforts to contain her :).

  11. Brandy, I cannot thank you enough for our precious Fourpines baby, Jack (JP)! He is the sweetest most well mannered dog. Jack truly is a part of our family! All of your puppy training and preparation makes the biggest difference when the puppy goes to its forever home. We experienced this firsthand! From the time we got to know you, came out and saw your lovely home, family and precious dogs we knew we had found the perfect breeder. However, you have been more than just a breeder, you have answered many texts/questions for me along this journey of puppy motherhood, you have offered advice and given me articles to read to become more knowledgeable about Jack as he grows and best of all you have become a friend. Thank you for all of your hard work and love you put into your pups, it does not go unnoticed! You raise your dogs in such a wonderful family environment which makes such a difference! Jack is wonderful with our family, he adores our baby niece (5months old) and nephew (3 years old) and is so gentle with them. When the baby cries Jack is the first one to check on her! Jack absolutely loves to be held and loved, he loves to swim, and he is also the most incredible/dedicated ball retriever you have ever seen! Jack has also been a fabulous travel companion and is great on flights (with me, never out of my sight of course!)! He stops traffic everywhere he goes! He is a beautiful dog and is such a joy! Thank you for making him ours!

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